Corporate Alliance Production started with a belief in greatness. If there's a great vision, a great vision-caster, a great vision-catcher, and a phenomenal team to execute, great things can happen. For over 20 years, CAP has come alongside great visionaries to capture and execute their visions through a team empowered to provide exceptional performance.


CAP's founder, Kim Watson, has over 25 years' experience as a consultant/project manager identifying, building and managing teams for others. Her natural curiosity on the formation and mobilization of ‘best’ teams prompted her to study people. So, along with her many successful years of corporate, non-profit and governmental consulting, she completed a Master’s and a PhD in performance psychology. She is also a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Six Sigma Green Belt Professional. She takes pride in being a champion of people and processes so that organizations, those entrusted to sustain them, and those who benefit from them are successful.


Kim helps Business Leaders bolster employee engagement, reduce turnover, and minimize applicant interview time. She helps eliminate costly bad hires, uncover hidden talent, and increase bottom line revenue. Leveraging a scientific trait device with impressive validity and reliability, Kim is armed with laser-accurate data and a unique entrepreneurial mindset to help leaders change the way they think about people for the rest of their lives.




"We certainly put up many obstacles for you, yet you are always optimistic, resourceful and demonstrate the utmost professionalism. Your leadership gives us confidence at all times." SVP, Marketing, TOSCO Marketing


​"I have known Kim for 14 years. Her exceptional communication skills and professionalism have earned her respect and admiration. Her integrity, intelligence and enthusiasm enable her to make a difference. Kim is a leader dedicated to improving the lives of others." Senior Director, Sales, Mattel


"… one of the most creative and multi-talented minds I’ve ever known. I really admire your ability to create relationships with people/clients. Most of all, your integrity shows by the honesty and effort you put into your projects. I definitely take pride in being a member of your team." Team Member


"Kim has been a major contributor since minute one. She instantly gained the trust of the team and management. She is excellent at communicating with all levels from Associate Managers to senior level individuals like myself. This is a tremendous asset because at times, the requests from the team can be quite challenging. Kim is always patient, clear, concise and very thorough -- she is truly the epitome of grace under pressure." SVP, Global Communications, Mattel


"Kim is incredibly organized and has been able to effectively manage a large group of individuals and their respective projects.  In Kim’s role she works with a cross functional group of people from marketing, sales, design and operations. She has demonstrated a high level of emotional intelligence in effectively working with these groups who each have their own styles and most importantly their own area of focus. What I am always most impressed with is her ability to react quickly and professionally in unknown situations. She keeps her cool and gets the job done in spite of high stress situations." SVP, Global Brand Marketing, Barbie


Kim Watson, PhD, PMP

Executive Advisor