Corporate Alliance Production helps organizations assemble and lead "best" teams.  We coach business leaders to harness and unleash the innate power and potential of their team members to deliver optimal execution ... for the benefit of the organization as well as the individual.


... occurs when there is alignment between the needs of the Organization and the hard-wiring of the Individual. If ideally aligned, the Individual will not have to expend energy to modify their behaviors in order to do the job. Rather, the Individual’s traits will prime them for success for everyone’s benefit.


Most hiring managers focus almost exclusively on whether or not a potential employee CAN-DO the job. Equally important is if they WANT-TO-DO the job – which is sometimes successfully explored in an interview. However, an often over-looked but extremely important aspect of any employee (current or future) is how they are HARD-WIRED.


Adding a layer of  VALID DATA increases the probability of success for the Organization and the Individual. The more aligned an employee is to the behavioral and cultural needs of a job and organization, the less energy they will have to expend modifying their natural tendencies. That's energy that can then be used to maintain their satisfaction, and increase the business's top and bottom lines.


Valid and reliable data, utilized in a partnership between the Business Leader and an effective Executive Advisor, can help identify untapped talent, organizational make-up, individual's motivational style and their trait pluses and minuses, job alignment, and potential for turn-over. And, that's just those that are already employed. When Business Leaders identify the data before hiring, they design and implement their optimal culture.


Each organization determines their own optimal trifecta combination. However, there are indicators the mix could be improved.

If the organization is stuck, it probably needs more gas.

These folks have the potential to be superstars, because they like to live in the future, see the big picture, and drive towards success.

If the organization is growing but a mess, it probably needs more brake.

These folks have the potential to be rockstars, because they are tactical, boots-on-the-ground professionals. They keep us from going off the rails.

If growing and organized but turnover is high, the organization probably needs more glue.

These folks can be superstars and/or rockstars. They just make all of us better and we want to stick around.

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Kim Watson, PhD, PMP

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